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About Neutron International Freight

NEUTRON INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT was found in 2006 with one vision, to provide a tailored-made service for everyone in the world of Importing and Exporting freight of all kinds. Within a short period, Neutron International Freight has gained and become expert in many international markets included the top 3 major markets China, USA and India.

Our agents in China are one of the biggest agents in the freight industry worldwide and Neutron International Freight is their only SOLE AGENT in Australia. Empower us to provide our customer full support for their ex-factory and to-door-delivery shipments.

Our Vision

We do understand Information & Transit is a key aspect in the business world. As such we provide every detail on your cargo, from the time you inform us about your order at your Suppliers doorstep overseas till your cargo arrives safely at the very front of your doorstep. Unlike other freight providers, we guarantee to keep you informed with any unexpected situations that may occur during transit, anything from today's climate to the production of overseas developments, that may affect your shipment arriving as scheduled.

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Here at Neutron International Freight we do Treasure Your Feedback on how we can serve you better. We take any time & effort required to understand your products and we know how critical to have your goods delivered on time. We are here to ensure that YOU don’t need to worry about freight and delivery of your products and leave all the hard work to us while you can concentrate on other parts of your business. Send us an e-mail or give us a call to tailored-made a logistics solution for your business.

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